Character And Conflict In Literature

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Character is a person who is responsible for the thoughts and action within a story, drama or other literature. In literary, character is presumably an imagined person who inhabits a story although that simple definition may admit to a few exceptions (Kennedy and Gioia, 2003: 91).
Madden (2002:93) divides the character as follows: Protagonist is the main character in story, antagonist is the character or characters who seem to be a major force in opposition to the protagonist, flat or stock characters is when characters lack the development that seems to bring them to life, lack the complexity that lets us know them as we know people in our own lives, and seem to represent ―types‖ more than real personalities, round characters is when they seem fully developed, with all the complexities of real people.
Conflict insociologyterm is a organization known as The Conflict paradox, namely the view that in terms of conflict is considered to improve the performance of the group. Whereas, conflict is a problem that should be shoaled by the main character of the story.
Movie is the output that contains the animation and any sound that you may have added. Movie is one way to make English interesting to be learned. From movie we can get a lot of information, good messages and we can try speaking well from right pronunciation there.
In teaching speaking, students are usually shy to speak in front of the class. The teacher must be creative to make students confident to speak in the front
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