Character Builders Research Paper

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Character builders are models who exhibit numerous traits which enrich the character of the people around them. To build the character of those around them, character builders are: respectful, humble, a developer of character in students, and are generous. All of these words describe my principal, Mrs. Crockett. The words are evident in her daily performances and the way she treats faculty, staff, students, and parents at the school. Respect is an important part of any relationship, and it is crucial in a school setting. As principal, it is important for him or her to be a model of respect. Modeling respect can lead to students showing respect for teachers and vice versa. Modeling respect can also lead to teachers showing respect for parents, authority, and peers, and the demonstration of respect being reciprocated. Mrs. Crockett models respect by listening to what you have to say and not interrupting you or raising her voice. She also makes sure to greet anyone she comes in contact with and does not use offensive language when engaging in conversation. Additionally, Mrs. Crockett uses a pleasant tone of voice when she is communicating. This voice…show more content…
Crockett needs to improve upon. It is being trustworthy. What I noticed about Mrs. Crockett this past school year is, she likes to gossip. This makes me wonder: if she will gossip about someone else and tell me, will she gossip about me to other people at the school? This causes feelings of doubt and can hinder someone from actually being open with her. Plus, if she engages in gossip, it makes it hard to tell other people not to gossip. In this case she is not being a good example. When I was grade chair a year ago, I remember being called into her office and being told to inform my grade we need to stop gossiping. Looking back on the situation, of course we did not fully stop, especially when we still see our school leader indulging in the practice of
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