Character Change In Lord Of The Flies

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In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding there is an occurrence of various changes that are involved in each character. Throughout the book, there are characters that change since they were first introduced and some who have very little to no change. Ralph is someone in the beginning in the book who appears to be quite immature and adventurous. Ralph changes into an organized leader who appears to be more mature because he sees the bigger picture of being rescued and realizes life isn’t all fun and games which is significant because it conveys the maturity when kids start to grow up. Some experiences that show his change are when the fire goes out, when the group is seeking the beast, and the death of Simon. When the fire goes out, it shows Ralph’s evolving change …show more content…

He gradually calls a meeting as he sees that the littluns are being driven by fear. He precedes to ask if the beast was actually seen by any of the boys and if it is real like a true leader would. As the littluns talk, they are made fun of by Jack but Ralph still insists on learning what they are afraid of. He understands that if the beast is real he must be able to defend the group from it as he is the leader. Ralph remains to be fair and starts to say, “we’ll have a vote on them; on ghosts I mean; and then go to the shelters because we’re all tired” (90). Despite not actually knowing the identity of the beast, it is destroying the inside of the group and must figure out the truth. Ralph is growing mature as time goes on as now he believes he has to conquer a beast that is the center of terror. This shows Ralph’s change because of how determined he is to climb the mountain and face whatever he comes up against because he must defeat the beast before thinking about

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