Character Changes In A Christmas Carol By Ebenezer Scrooge

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Imagine a neighbor that only cares about himself. He doesn’t donate, even though he is rich. He doesn’t go to his relatives’ parties. He tells the holiday musicians to stop playing and shut up. He mistreats his employees. Could this kind of person change? This scenario comes alive in A Christmas Carol with Ebenezer Scrooge. A Christmas Carol is a story about Scrooge and the visits of 3 spirits to help him change his ways. Each of the spirits gives Scrooge insight on his life until he eventually turns his view on the world around. Scrooge’s change in character is demonstrated through his actions, thoughts, and words. Actions can describe a person for who they are whether good or bad. Scrooge’s actions change throughout the book because of the visits with the persuasive spirits; the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present, and the ghost of Christmas yet to come. In the beginning he doesn’t want to give Christmas day off to his employee, Bob but reluctantly gives Bob the day off. He realises his mistake and raises his salary. Scrooge buys a turkey for the Cratchits because he has changed from the ghosts visits. Scrooge sends it anonymously so that Bob is surprised. Scrooge doesn’t want him to know that it was from…show more content…
Scrooge’s thoughts change about everything in the end. One thought is that Scrooge thinks that Christmas is a waste. He changes his thinking about Christmas as a time of giving and thanks. His thoughts about the poor also change. In the beginning he hates the poor but in the end he realizes that they are people just like him. Scrooge changes his mind and goes to Fred’s house for a family get together. He wasn’t going to go at first but ends up going due to the spirit showing them making fun of him. Thoughts can tell you a lot about a particular individual whether they are good or
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