A Doll's House Character

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Characters throughout movies, plays, and novels usually change in one way or another. In Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s House” many of the characters changed in ways from Act 1 to Act 3. Nora, a woman who is married with three children, is the main character throughout this play. This play consist of a husband, wife, care taker, doctor, and friends. They all come over to the Helmer’s home at some point in the play and speak to Nora or her husband. This is important because some of these characters interact with Nora at some point and speak to her about her finance and family issues. Nora is the type of character that in Act 1 she really cared about her family and tried to make sure they had the best while at the end of the play, in Act 3, she…show more content…
She was not the most perfect of wives or mothers but she always wanted to be the best she could become. They had others that would stop by their home from time to time. They lived in a home where the children had a nurse named Ana Marie and there was also a maid/nanny for the home whom name was Helene. Nora was a stay at home type of person however she did have a job as a writer. Nora has a passion for these writings and done them in her spare time where she would then sell them to get money in return. While loving her family she became concerned with Torvald her husband. She was fearful that her husband was becoming too stressed and would become ill. The family did not have the money on hand so she figured she would be a worthy wife and give Torvald an enjoyable vacation to relieve some of his stress. She had his best interest in mind and only wanted to care for him and make him joyful again. The only way to get this money was through one of Torvalds workers in which she had asked to borrow from. This workers name was Krogstad and he lent Nora this money but only on the terms that she had paid him back. Krogstad gave Nora a contract to sign stating that she would so this very act to pay him back every penny. During this time Nora, being a woman, needing a man’s signature to go along with the agreement so she forged her deceased father’s signature, this was…show more content…
Torvald has now found out how Nora came up with the money to go on vacation with. He has also found out who gave her the money and she was having trouble paying all of this back. Torvald is now torn that she did not mention this to him and was planning on keeping it from him for a very long time. This is shown that she will not tell him for a while when she says, “” Well, maybe someday. But not for a long time. When I’m no longer pretty. No, don’t laugh, what I mean is … when Torvald doesn’t love me as much as he does now. When he no longer enjoys watching me dancing and dressing up and reciting little poems.”” (Isben, 342) He gets angry with her and tells her that she is a hypocrite and a liar. She clashes back with Torvald with saying, “” The whole reason for my existence was to preform tricks for you, Torvald. But that’s what you wanted.You and Papa have committed a great sin against me It is your fault that I have made nothing of my life.”” (Isben, 385). With this she is blaming him that he did not treat her the way she needed to be and that their marriage was a lie in the way she had to act for him. Torvald becomes even angrier and says something that would tear Nora to her breaking point. He comments, “” But you will not be allowed to raise the children. I could not trust you with them.”” (Isben, 382). He does this in spite to take away her most cherished thing which is motherhood. Nora becomes furious with this and
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