Huckleberry Finn Character Development Essay

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We have seen the lead character of ‘The adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ go ththorugh a series of transformations throughout the course of the novel which are life changing for him and responsible for making him who he is by the end of it.
As the novel begins, we find Huck in a highly vulnerable stage despite the recent fortunes he has stepped into. This is mainly because he has been abused by a drunkard of a father and two money minded deceitful caretakers. He is therefore completely directionless at this point of time and is suffering from an inferiority complex. At this point, the reader would notice that Huck is completely devoid of a sense of morality in life. However as the novel progresses and Huck comes under the influence of Jim, a
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His morals are put to test and are molded with each adventure of his as he uses his judgment. If we go a little backward and look at where it all started, Huck was the closest friend of Tom Sawyer and together they wanted to start a gang. The only condition one needed to fulfill to join the gang was to give consent to murdering your family in case you broke any of the rules. It is at this point when it’s found out that Huck does not have a family to begin with and his only custodians are the money mongers Ms Watson and the widow and they consider him as someone who is highly uncivilized and has no morals whatsoever. As it’s debated by the boys whether it would be fair to take Huck since he doesn’t technically have anyone to kill, Huck gladly offers the name of Miss Watson, as he becomes desperate to not get ruled out as a potential member. This incident shows that Huckleberry Finn was one immoral and apathetic person when the novel started with no conscience or remorse whatsoever. He had no regard for anyone else’s life and was willing to sacrifice someone else for his own immaterial gains. So this was the height of his transgression phase and this is where his journey towards a higher moral path
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