Character Changes In Michelle Magorian's Goodnight Mr. Tom

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In the historical fiction Goodnight, Mr. Tom written by Michelle Magorian, Tom changes throughout the novel when Willie comes to him and comfort his sorrow for his wife and son. He becomes more open-minded, more socialized, more caring, and gradually forgets about his sorrows for his family with the accompany from Willie. There are changes in his attitude to Will, his changes to his neighbors, and his changes in himself. Some of these examples are when he go to London to save Will and take him safely back to his cottage, when he first volunteers to help out with the war, and also when he try to shut out the sorrow memories of his wife and son from his mind.

Tom changes from a grumpy old man to Will’s father who shows kindness, gentleness, and warmth to him throughout the story. Wh en Will first comes to the new village as an evacuee, he is taken by Tom not because Tom wanted to, only because it’s his duty to help in the war. Magorian suggests, “Although he was of average height, in Willie 's eyes he was a towering giant with skin like coarse, wrinkled brown paper and a voice like thunder” (Magorian 2). This shows the first impression from Will of Tom is that he is a strong, healthy, and robust man, and he is scared of him because he speaks harshly. But as Tom realizes that Will act differently from other evacuees who are say to be ungrateful, he find out that he is abused by his mom at home. And the way Tom treats Will suddenly become opposite from before. He tries to
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