Character Changes In The Great Gatsby

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, a writer who made more than $36,000 a year, wrote The Great Gatsby. As he says it 's the “Crowning achievement of his career.” Fitzgerald wrote many books before he had a heart attack at forty four unfortunately he died as a cause of that. Fitzgerald tried to produce a play and it failed as Fitzgerald described it as “The performance was a colossal frost.” The Great Gatsby has very little changes which includes name changes for example “Daisy” was originally named “Ada.”
In this book some key ELEPHANT are that it’s more of a hopeless romantic plot that goes on, it could be considered a “lost love” although one man still is madly in love with a women who moved on and was married and had a kid. However this man went into the military and that was the last time they were seen, he never came back to his women but spent most of his life waiting for her to come to him.
Before I begin I will discuss who are the main people in this book. Daisy Buchanan whom is the most important female in this book, she’s a very rich women. Second is Jay Gatsby whom you could consider the main character for the first part of this book, and lastly Nick Carraway, who in the end could be one of the only true friends Jay will ever have.
As a part of this book I feel a few events leading up to the climax is when Daisy and Jay meet again after a long time of not seeing each other. Daisy and Jay use to date before Jay Gatsby went into war and did not return. Once Nick
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