Character Comparison Of Photograph 51 And The Double Helix

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While reading Photograph 51 I felt very conflicted about my thoughts on all of the characters. My original opinion of them that I had formed while watching NOVA’s Secret of Photo 51 changed drastically upon reading the play. The characters I had felt bad for the first time turned into the characters I disliked the second time and vice versa. This idea of how people can be perceived intrigued me. It got me thinking about how people can observe various behaviors of a person and characterize or put them into a certain role because of it. For example, between the movie, the play, and James Watsons book, “the Double Helix”, it was all very hard to determine who Rosalind Franklin was as a person, seeing as each viewpoint contradicted one another. Regardless of how each of these sources defines her as, given her race and gender at the given time period, it would have…show more content…
Yet again, it really depends on the person and the situation. The situation affects the reaction based on to what extent the outsider’s perception is different from one’s true character or of what we hold to be true about ourselves. If a person is perceived to have a lot of negative traits, it would seem more likely for the person being misjudged to work harder to change the opinions. This would be assumed because most people want to be well liked and can be hurt when people say untrue and mean things about them. But, if a person is assumed to be better than they really are, there might not be such a rush to change their minds. The reaction also depends on the person. While some people are very bothered by what people say and think of them, others couldn’t care less. In addition, while this could increase motivation in one person, it could also decrease motivation in all aspects of life for
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