Character Conflicts In Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds

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The Birds, by Alfred Hitchcock are very different in character dynamics, but is very similar in themes and how conflicts affect the development of the plot. This leads not only to the wondering about how the plot would have ended had there been a follow up at the end of each work, but also it keeps the audience between which had a more attention grabbing climax. As well as the need for more development in comparison of the two main characters.
In the book and the movie there are several different types of relationships and interactions taking place between the characters. For instance, Mitch and Nat are both the male leads who take charge in the life altering events, however, it seems that the stories persona switches from the lead of Mitch to Melony. This is when the attention in the story follows one character, but naturally fades back and forth between Mitch and Melony. Slight alterations like this are what separates the two narrations, one of which Nat is followed throughout the tragedy, where yet the movie shows a more developed side through multiple characters. Along with the characters view and affect on the plot there is the difference in character interactions, this is shown anywhere from Nat and his family's interactions to how Melony and Mitch go from hating one another into having a passionate relationship.
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Having so much to worry about Hitchcock´s original story being turned into a movie the most important things were brought to life (granted the horrible acting of Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor). The books innovativeness was expressed in great detail throughout the film, everything from how characters think alike when situations are hard to handle to how problems occur. Being as when the birds first appear, how the number of birds escalates and even how the birds behavior in each product was
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