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Page 2: Character descriptions The antagonist and the protagonist in this story are Curely and George respectively. George: small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and strong features, strong hands, slender arms and thin bony nose. Is like the protector of Lennie, and saves him from every trouble he gets into. Lennie: a huge man, shapeless of face, with large pale eyes, with wide sloppy shoulders, walks heavily, dragging his feet. Is baby like, and gets himself into trouble again and again, George is the one gets him out of trouble. He is very much obsessed with owning rabbits. Slim: A highly skilled mule driver and the acknowledged “prince” of the ranch. Slim is the only character who seems to be at peace with himself. Slim…show more content…
He is very bossy and does not let anyone, most of the time to talk to his wife. He is also very aggressive and gets into arguments very easily. Lennie broke his hand after he tried to slap and kill Lennie Curely’s wife: She is flirtatious wife of Curely and always likes to take attention of men and is always present where they are. She wants of live a better happy life and not a boring life with her husband. She is not given a name in this story and is only addressed by her husband’s name. She was killed by Lennie, who broke her neck. Candy: an old ranch worker with his old dog whom he had since the dog was born. Is willing to give George and Lennie his life savings so he can join them in owning the…show more content…
Lennie and George are like distant cousins, more like friends. Lennie wants to pet rabbits and he can do anything for that. But they need money for making their dream come true so they find jobs but Lennie manages to get in trouble, and now they have to find a new job. So this time George has trained Lennie not to say a single word in front of the boss. They get away with boss they start working hard and well. They are very skillful especially Lennie he is very strong. In the ranches they found their head Slim he is very kind and understands the relationship between George and Lennie. He was the one who let Lennie borrow a little pup to pet. One day Slim was found with Curely’s wife alone in the barn. And Curely was very angry when he saw Lennie smiling. He thought that he was laughing at him so they got into a fight. During the fight Curely broke his hand, and Lennie injured his face. The same day Candy had heard them talk about owning land so he was ready to share all his savings to join them in their house. Then George went to the city with others that night, he told Lennie to go to bed after petting his puppy. That night he went to Crooks room as his light was on, there he told him about his dream of petting rabbits, after a little while of arguments, when George returned he went to bed. The next day, while the other men were playing Horseshoe,

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