Character Descriptions Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Character Descriptions
Odysseus– The main character in the Odyssey. He is the King of Ithaca, the husband of Queen Penelope, father of Prince Telemachus, and son of Laertes. He is a cunning war hero that has been trying to return home for 20 years. Poseidon delays his journey home every chance he can and Athena tries to help Odysseus return.
Penelope– Wife of Odysseus and mother of Prince Telemachus. She remains faithful to her husband after his 20 years of absence. Penelope cleverly tricks her suitors to delaying her hand in marriage as she pines for Odysseus’ return.
Telemachus– Prince of Ithaca and son of Odysseus and Penelope. Telemachus goes on a quest to find his father or learn of his father’s death with the goddess Athena’s assistance.
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Odysseus is enticed by her and remains on her island for a year.
King Menelaus– King of Sparta, and husband of Queen Helen. His wife was kidnapped by a Trojan , Paris, he led an army to Troy to retrieve his wife. Odysseus helped king Menelaus fight in the Trojan War. King Menelaus gives Telemachus some information about his father when he visits him.
Queen Helen– Queen of Sparta and wife of King Menelaus. She was taken by the Trojans and triggered the Trojan War. However, some people speculate that she willingly left with the Trojans. She gives Telemachus a wedding dress for his future bride and revealed an omen to him regarding his father.
King Alcinous– King of the Phaeacians. He offers Odysseus ships and a crew to return him home to Ithaca safely.
Eumaeus– A loyal shepard to Odysseus and helps him achieve vengeance on the suitors and reclaim his throne.
Eurycleia– A loyal servant to Odysseus, who recognizes him disguised as a beggar. She does not reveal Odysseus’s identity, but helps him with his plan to attack the suitors.
Antinous– An arrogant suitor who tries to murder

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