Character Determination In Antigone

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Determination In the play, Antigone, different characters demonstrated the difference between being determined and being stubborn. For example have you ever been determined to do something for the cause of good or even been stubborn. In this story characters there are some characters that were the same way, The first person that I have to bring up is Antigone. Antigone is the daughter Of Oedipus Rex, the old king. There are ways in this story that antigone is determined and also stubborn. Basically Antigone had a brother name Polynices and a brother named Eurydice and and Polynices died while fight his brother and at that time there was a king named Creon, he did not like Polynices but he did like Eurydice, so then Creon had a burial for Eurydice but not for Polynices, therefore he could not go to Heaven, so now creon made a law that said that no one could bury Polynices. When Antigone heard this she was disgusted therefore she said that she must bury her brother. So now Antigone when she is done burying Polynices ( Sophocles 751). This shows determination of Antigone because she is wanting to bury him and that she was…show more content…
In this story Haemon shows his determination in many ways the first way is that he is determined to free Antigone from her stone cell because like I said he is her fiancé (Sophocles 775). Another way Haemon is determined is that he wanted to change Creon's mind about freeing Antigone because of what she did (Sophocles 775). Haemon is also stubborn in the story one way he is stubborn is that he wouldn’t listen to his dad when they were arguing and that if the would have kept going he could have been thrown in a stone cell as the same as Antigone or even worse he could have been killed but Haemon should have listened to his dad( Sophocles 774-775). So there was 2 ways Haemon was determined and 1 that he was stubborn. Now onto the last and final character, the real tragic hero of this story

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