Character Development In A Raisin In The Sun

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To choose others before yourself requires generosity and true kindness which doesn’t seem very common anymore. Throughout the play “A Raisin in the Sun”, Lorraine Hansberry developed the theme of putting others before yourself through the financial welfare of the household, supporting extracurricular activities, and the responsibilities of being a parent. Even as the Younger family was poor and had no extra money to spend, they always found a way to make everything turn out okay. As Travis wanted extra money to spend, Walter tried to hide the reality of their situation as Ruth told Travis no, “cause we don’t have it” and Walter replies, “What you tell the boy things like that for? Here son-” (Hansberry 12). Ruth also looked out for others in a financial aspect based on the plot of her decision to get an abortion for the welfare of the family. Another example of a financial sacrifice is when Mama made the choice to get a house for the family which is developed through the plot of the struggle of her choice in retrospect of what is best for the family. The family also looked out for each other by setting side their struggles to support each other through extracurricular activities. Through all of Beneatha’s changing activities…show more content…
Mama developed her own dream but had to postpone for her children and reality, “Well, I always wanted me a garden… This plant is close as I ever got to having me one” (Hansberry 35). Big Walter always put his children first even if it meant working himself to death by working day and night to make ends meet. Ruth was looking out for the family which deciding what to do with the baby as her character develops with reason, sacrifice, and financial awareness. Walter even stood up for his son to prove a point when he stood up the Mr.Lindner by swallowing his
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