Character Development In Harper E Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird

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“You never really understand someone until you consider things from his perspective,” (Lee 30). To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper E Lee, illustrates the life of Jem and Scout as they go upon racial and pessimistic struggles of the nineteen sixties.With a community hinged on the verdict of an upcoming trial considering the case of a black man, Tom Robson, and the conspiracy of Bob and Mayella Ewell. The To Kill a MockingBird movie however, has several differences that vary the mood of the story, and Scout’s overall character development.
One of the main differences in the To Kill a Mockingbird movie is the character development of Scout. The Absence of Aunt Alexandra in the movie is major mishap on the director for she played a key role in the development of Scout as a woman. Alexandra, Veering Scout from her childish and tomboy phases drastically changed Scouts overall character in the book, but left her unabsided in the movie. Without Alexandria, Scout would have been uncontrollable and reckless; and would have never been able to behave in the Courtroom, or at Calpurnia 's Church.
Another difference in the movie is the absence of Miss Maudie 's house burning down. Miss Maudie 's house burning down in the book separated Jem and Scout from Atticus late at night outside Boo Radley 's house. As the residents and Firefighters condemned the fire, Jem and Scout dozed off only to wake up when the fire was out and everyone going back to sleep. Except when they woke up they had a
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