Character Development In Metmorphosis And Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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Character development is a change that a character goes through from the beginning to the end of the story. Often times, the writer creates developments only in the characters that he wants to highlight; therefore the importance of the character is determined by the amount of change that takes place. Character development is also very important in literary works that are more focused on character rather than events or its theme, as exemplified in the novella “Metamorphosis”. Although a common notion is that the main character is the most dynamic, therefore the most developed, and the foil: an ordinary and static secondary character to emphasize the qualities of the protagonist; Franz Kafka did the complete opposite in his novella. While both Gregor and Grete Samsa from Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” experienced character development, it was evident that Gregor’s metamorphosis symbolized and initiated the figurative transformation that Grete underwent. From the very beginning, it is apparent that Franz Kafka would very much be focusing on character. Metamorphosis opens with the protagonist, Gregor Samsa: a traveling salesman, waking up and discovering that he has been transformed into a disgusting vermin. It is important to note that Gregor’s first thought after realizing this was how to get to work in his current state, instead of panicking or trying to remedy the situation as expected.
This transformation prompts him to reflect and ponder on his depressing and pathetic life as
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