Character Development In Spirited Away

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How does determination incite you in any sort of way? Well in the film, Spirited Away directed by Hayao Miyazaki and Kirk Wise, it talks about character growth development. Represents how Sen is developing her character throughout the film. Introduction beginning shows, a character called Chihiro Ogino or her nickname Sen is moving to another town. Her dad takes a shortcut and ends up in a mining town that is imagination with spirits, gods, and witches. Sen’s Obstacles are trying to accept that her parents are doing what is best for her and, getting her parents back to normal. The main conflicts shown how Yubaba torments Sen and No-Face is getting in front of Sen. Theme and motifs are between 1980s industrial Japan and tradition Old Style…show more content…
While, if you carefully listen you can hear subtle tires against the pavement and the cars whizzing moving the wind from one direction to the next. Frame shot also shows that Sen is upset and gloomy that they are moving to a new town. The rule of thirds focuses on Sen even though she is on the bottom middle. From the dusk of the sun is glaring into the room. What you can hear in this frame shot is the water dripping down towards the basement floor. Frame shot shows that Sen is sleeping after meeting Kamaji. That Kamaji cares for others even though it would get him in trouble for bringing in a human. In the rule of thirds, Kamaji is at the left center, and Sen is on the bottom right and his arms stretches going through the center to bottom near Sen. The lighting is hard to see if you are an Asian like me, but there is light coming from the moon. This scene shows Haku and Sen fell down into a pit full of spirit customers trying to escape from Yubaba’s sister. How the camera angle is at worm’s eye view with a far distant shot showing the copious amounts of spirits.(role credits) Rule of thirds show the spirits taking up half the bottom/center while they rise to the top, and Haku is in the center moving towards the
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