Character Development In The Help By Kathryn Stocket

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CHARACTER DEVELOPMET: SKEETER The novel that I read throughout this quarter was ' 'The Help ' ' by Kathryn Stocket. Character development took place in many different characters in different ways. The Character that is seen to develop the most throughout the novel is Miss Skeeter Pheelan. Skeeter is seen to develop in two different ways: a young woman who doesn 't have marriage as a first priority anymore and a woman who later sees an injustice to the black help. Skeeter is a white socialite who just graduated from college with a degree in writing. She came back to Jackson Mississippi with the idea of starting to write for book publishing companies but arrives home only for her mother to question her about marriage. Upon the many
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I didn 't meet anybody I wanted to marry ' '. Before Skeeter left for college, she wanted the married life that her mom instilled in her but this quotation reveals that Skeeter is no longer one of the typical white women in Jackson , Mississippi who worried about marriage, having children and the perfect life. Later in the novel, we see another character development from Skeeter when she sees the unfair treatment of the blacks have totally changed ever since she left for college. One afternoon, Miss Hilly suggested that the black help should not use the same bathroom as the whites in their household as they spread diseases. Annoyed Skeeter responds loudly and says ' 'Maybe we ought to just build you a bathroom outside Hilly ' '. With Skeeter 's loud outburst of that response, the reader sees that not everyone of Hilly 's high society friends are in support of the treatment of the black people. Later in the novel Skeeter says ' 'I want people to hear from your perspective ' ', through this declaration during one of her interviews with the maids, she willingly was ready to accept whatever happened if it meant for their perspective to be seen. With the evidence provided, Skeeter is seen to transition from a not so typical white woman to a rebel who wanted the world to hear the voices of the maids that

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