Character Development In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The very traits someone possesses as a child shape that child into the adult they will become. In the American classic “To Kill a Mockingbird” by famous author Harper Lee, a very young tomboy named Scout and her brother Jem face trials and challenges that shape their perspective of society. There are several traits they possess and such traits help to shape them along with the challenges. In the classic novel, Harper Lee demonstrates that certain traits such as honesty and courage have a strong influence on the matter of the kind of an adult a child can become.

The first trait that shapes Scout and Jem as they grow is honesty. In the beginning of the novel, for example, Scout notices that her teacher, Miss Caroline, has no knowledge of the affairs of the Cunningham family, so she tries to help by saying “The Cunninghams never took anything they can’t pay back - no church baskets and no scrip stamps.”(26) Scout is showing honesty here, and she gets right to the point and explains the Cunninghams’ lifestyle as it really is. Even though she risks getting trouble, she does it anyway; this is an excellent example
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In chapter 15, Scout kicks a man for grabbing Jem when they confront the mob around Atticus at the jail. “‘I’ll send him home,’ a burly man said, and grabbed Jem roughly by the collar. He yanked Jem nearly off his feet. ‘Don’t you touch him!’ I kicked the man swiftly.”(203-4) During this event, Scout shows courage because she stands up for her brother. She risks getting injured because the man could very easily overpower her. Earlier, Jem shows courage when he goes up to the Radley house to touch it. He is dared to, and he does it. Although his actions may not be positive, courage is still being shown because he knows the consequences, yet he touches the house. Therefore, courage is an important trait in shaping a child into an adult because it displays willpower and motivation to do
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