Daniel L. Schacter: Character Is Destiny By Heraclitus

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As a Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once said, “Character is destiny.” I fully agree with Heraclitus and his quote about character because there are many factors in life to why this could be. Character is the key to open a door to a great destiny for both a society and a single individual. Within the character of the citizens, lies the welfare of the nation. In this world of sin, it is good and strong character that enables children to develop, people to survive, and transcend their misfortunes. The main focus here is that character matters and has an impact on society. “A glance at history reminds us that civilizations do not flourish forever. They rise, and they fall. They fall when the moral core deteriorates – when a society fails to pass on its core virtues, its strengths of character, to the next generation” (Lickona 1). Basically, what this quote is trying to…show more content…
Lust can cost a straying husband his wife’s affections, but a sex drive is crucial for perpetuating genes. Anger might result in dangerous elevations of blood pressure, but also assures that we defend ourselves vigorously when threatened ” (Schacter 6). Daniel L. Schacter analyzes three specific sins out of seven and tells the reader his opinion on gluttony, lust, and anger. In reality, the excessive use of these sins are very pleasurable and convinces us to continue on with sinning. But, if you continuously eat a lot to the point where you become obese then you aren’t on the way to having good character. If you repeatedly have sex with numerous women when are on the way to becoming a sex addict and that is very low character. If you get angry more and more thinking that it helps you protect yourself you are on the way to abusing that and ending up becoming a bully with no moral characteristics. All seven ancient deadly sins are just temptations and tests that life gives you to see if you will do the right
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