Character Essay: Othello As A Tragic Hero

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Othello was a tragic hero due to the events that occurred throughout the story. Iago made Othello extremely jealous.There are several characteristics that define a tragic hero. Othello has all the characteristics of an tragic hero, he has a lack of self esteem, he has also a noble heart another quality of an tragic hero, he is also a jealous person. Othello, who is a moor, is the general in command of the troops of the Republic of Venice, who secretly married Desdemona, daughter of senator Brabantio. A Venetian nobleman who loves Desdemona, Roderigo, is however aware of the marriage of the woman from Iago, a soldier who resents Othello because he preferred to promote his friend Cassio in his place and because he suspects that Othello has lain…show more content…
This is a common characteristic of a tragic hero. “Yes, right now. So confess your sin freely now. Even if you swear you’re innocent of every accusation, you won’t change my mind or remove the thought that’s tormenting me. You’re going to die”. (Act 5, scene 2, page 3). Here he states that if his wife have any kind of sins or something to confess is the time, but there will be nothing that will change his mind or thought about her. He is going to kill her anyway. Othello furious and blind by jealousy is no longer able to think: in the last meeting with Desdemona, Othello accuses his wife of treason with Cassio and deceives her by saying that her alleged lover died. Desdemona burst into tears and Othello suffocates her on the bed. Upon the arrival of Emilia and the other characters, Othello confesses that he has killed his wife and shows as proof the handkerchief found in Cassio’s room. Emilia understands the truth and, the moment she is about to unveil it, Iago kills her and then flees. Othello, understanding his fatal error, can not resist the remorse and pain and stabs to death, dying on Desdemona's
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