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MP4 Character Analysis In “ Among the Brave,” by Margaret Peterson Haddix, an illegal third child named Trey is on the run from the Population Police. He was given a fake I.D to be named Trey, but his real name is Trahern Cromwell Torrance. He was locked in an attic as a child, and is very clueless when he is exposed to the outside world, until he spends some time with Mark, the older brother of Trey’s friend Lee. After the Population Police capture Lee, Mark, Mr. Talbot, and Nina, (All people against the Population Law). Trey matures as a character throughout the story by showing how he is a coward in the beginning, but later, toughens up, ignores the pile of fear, and makes an attempt to set his friends free from the Population Police. To start, in the beginning of the story, Trey is all over himself on how much of a coward and baby he is. He thought he was just some scared nobody that there was no room for in the world. He thinks this way because his friend once saved his life from the Population Police and he just thought that he was a wuss because he hadn’t done any of the work to…show more content…
The Population Police acknowledged and accepted Trey’s offer, walked him into the house, and Trey saw all of his friends. When they were not looking, Trey let them free. They saw a car out in the parking lot and they drove it away out into safety. They were all safe, after that, The Population Police couldn’t find them, and the thirds were all happy. Trey heroically saved the day. In Conclusion, Trey overcame his fear of making a fool of himself and ended up in the end to be the hero, and saved all of his friends lives before concentration camp. He put his mind to it, and stepped up big

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