Character Of Creon In Sophocles Antigone

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People don’t always listen to the right thing. One time I told my brother to stop hanging from the basketball hoop because one day it was going to fall over because it wasn’t a very heavy basket ball hoop and he would get hurt, but he didn’t listen to me and broke his arm; kinda like creon did, creon did not listen to antigone about burying her brother with a proper burial and when the city started talking about him and antigone buried the body probably would have felt like the equivalent to my brother breaking his arm in his eyes.Creon is very quick to anger because he doesn’t let anyone speak, doesn’t let anyone that thinks their mind speak about them. Creon is very selfish and wants everyone to think what he want them to think.I will be writing about creon and him being full of himself, thinks people only thinks what he thinks, and follows rules and only if it is his rules.

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The play antigone by, Sophocles is a play where two brothers fight to the death to see which one will become king and both die but only one will get the proper burial and the other is left to the scavengers (birds, rats, vultures, etc.), the king orders the body to never get buried, but the character Antigone wants to give her brother at least a burial so she goes and defines the king's rules and gets punished by what she has done, but the gods are on her side and wanted the body to get buried, and the king finally realizes that after the death of his daughter Ismene. There is always something that we can listen to and get something from and the play Antigone by Sophocles, shows that if you don’t do something right like you should have it could end up coming up biting you in the butt later on in life if you don't correct what you did wrong quick

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