Character Of Desdemona In Othello

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At first sight the character of Desdemona in Othello seems to be almost perfect, without a doubt she shows characteristics of a good and kind person. By her being gentle, honest, and loyal and the most important the pure love she has for Othello all of this qualities make her unique. As known that she was maliciously accused of murder and, adultery she is not fully innocent. As mentioned before Desdemona has many virtues, but those virtues start to become her own flaws and her influential action both contribute to her destruction. In this play Shakespeare sets the characters and its relationships to illustrate their true colors. One way of Desdemona showing her education and her ability to break the social bounds of female passivity was marring…show more content…
Desdemona was accused by Lagos of a being brilliant actress, and she has done everything needed to deceive her father and to go in opposition with his wishes. Yet it is not correct to assume all of he what Lago says, because Lago has an evil point of view. For this purpose Desdemona deception was done only with good intensions. All Desdemona just wanted was to save her father, she had the feeling her father was going to find out about Othello and her and did not want for her father to feel pain. In brief, due to her good intensions her father died. The moment Lago told Othello, “She did deceive her father by marring you.” He wanted to make Othello mad and make him doubt. Now Othello started wondering if Desdemona can deceive her father then she can deceive him too. Desdemona made the mistake of asking Lago for a hand of help, because she wanted for him to prove her loyalty to her Othello. Instead of talking about family problems with random people she could of just have talked to Othello first. Desdemona and Othello have lack of communication in their relationship, if they had talk about it before the lies Lagos was inventing wouldn’t have
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