Narnia Lucy Character Analysis

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Lucy is the character who has major experience adventures of Narnia and she is the protagonist of the story. Lucy’s characteristics develop through the story. Firstly she was a shy girl and then become brave and courageous girl. Lucy is, at the beginning of the novel, a very shy and fearful character, as seen in the first meeting with the Professor. The Professor’s odd-looking appearance and his “shaggy white hair” that grows over his head and face (Lion 2) frighten Lucy, who seems to be a very shy girl.
Another example of her frightening behavior is seen when the children are in the girl’s room and talk about their new home: “What’s that noise? … the thought of all those long passages … leading into empty rooms was beginning to make her feel a little creepy” (Lion 3). The house’s “long passages” and “empty rooms” frighten Lucy, who starts to feel “a little creepy” over the large house and the new
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Peter was blinded by his own self-importance when he finds it is difficult to believe in Lucy even though he knows well that she never lies. And he believes in Edmund even he knows that Edmund never tells the truth.
Peter is a child who is forced to fight alone, with a weapon he never used before, against an experienced and deadly opponent. Peter has not enough bravery to lead the army to fight against White Witch when Aslan sacrificed his self on the stone table. Edmund supported him to be the leader, so his bravery increase and could lead the army. In the battle against wolves, Peter has been supported by Aslan. Aslan wants to increase up Peter’s bravery, so he can be a good leader.
During his journey in Narnia, Peter’s bravery and leadership skills increase. Aslan makes him as the leader since he is the oldest children and the most responsible. In his first battle against the wolves, he doubts to slay his sword and he has no bravery to fight against the
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