Character Of Scrooge In A Christmas Carol

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In 'A Christmas Carol', Charles Dickens represents Scrooge as an unsympathetic man who is offered the opportunity to redeem himself. Through the use of language, the reader is positioned to view him adversely, but during the journey of the morality lessons shown by four phantoms. In the form of an allegory, we will discover how Dickens demonstrates a defiant and isolated character in Stave One.
In a Christmas carol, Dickens portrays his protagonist, scrooge, unfavourably. ‘Solitary’ is an adjective which Dickens implanted into the prose so that the readers could grow a stronger dislike for him as it infers that he is anti-social and unpleasant, ‘solitary’ also relates to Scrooge as he has the characteristics of someone in solitude. Similarly, as the simile states, he is ‘as an oyster’ because he puts up an impenetrable, hard exterior on the outside; keeping up a façade to hide himself away from the pain. Additionally, this is reinforced through the notion, ‘To
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Pathetic fallacy, is used to compare him to ‘wind that blew’ as it shows scrooge to be predictable and unwanted like wind which is undesirable during winter- with the exception that Scrooge is undesirable seasonally. Moreover as readers we infer that Scrooge is worse than wind as he is ‘bitterer’, this superlative shows that he exceeds the unpleasantness of wind, which doesn’t make the readers view him as a protagonist as the above isn’t the typical trait of one. Additionally, ‘no pelting rain less open to entreaty [than he]’, suggests that just as you couldn't ask the rain to stop falling, you couldn’t ask him to do something for you; neither the rain nor he will be open to such requests. Nature would not heed your cries, and he would heed them even less as he is ‘less open
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