Character Perceptions In Graffiti Moon

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1. Alternating between two points of view, Ed’s and Lucy’s. Graffiti Moon follows former high school students as they travel around the city of Melbourne the night after graduation in search of the famous street artist Shadow. The two main characters, despite not being very fond of each other team up to search for Shadow. As the night progresses they begin to realise that they have much more in common then they formerly thought. 2. Each character in Graffiti Moon is yearning for something. Lucy’s main objective is to find a graffiti artist who goes by Shadow. She has been searching for him for months, but is perpetually just missing him every time. She admires his mysterious, fanciful art and feels such an irrefutable link with him, believing that he would be her soul mate. Graffiti Moon is packed with likeable and artistic characters whose great deal of emotion makes up for their vast insecurity. The author has scripted the book in a way that is so relatable. By changing the character perceptions we are able to see Lucy and Ed in an authentic way. We see all of their secrets and the miss communication amongst them even when they cannot. The characters develop well because the reader is aware of how they view each other, so we get a real sense of who the characters are and why they do what they do. Creating incredibly realistic and relatable characters. The novelist uses Lucy’s admiration for unique people and artistic integrity to introduce the idea of Shadow, an artist

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