Character Shapes In 12 Angry Men

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Unique and defining character traits not only create interesting characters, but moreover build the thesis of the movie 12 Angry Men, everyone has different biases that they carry. Based on the movie, 12 Angry Men, not only Juror #3, but also #8 and #9 are best represented by one of the above shapes, through their characters and how they fit into a big picture of the movie. Through the script of the movie, the character’s actions and manners make evident which shapes should be used to describe them. Even the colors of the shapes above show something about the character. The font and position of the shape used to tell which character is represented by which shape gives away what type of character each juror is in the movie. 12 Angry Men clearly proves that the above shapes represent the characters in different ways.
Based on 12 Angry Men, the above shape labeled “A” best represents and builds the character of Juror #3. The shape that is used for the character of Juror #3 is a lightning bolt. This represents his bold viewpoint and his tendency to react quickly and lash out in anger. “I never saw a guiltier man in my life. You sat right in court and heard the same thing I did. The man 's a dangerous killer. You could see it.” (12 Angry Men) he says towards the beginning of the play. This proves that he has a bold view point. At the very beginning of the playwright, he automatically states his opinion and tries to convince others to agree with his proposition. “[Number 8] I
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