Character Sketch Of Helen Keller

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Helen had worked hard at some game or inventive medium keeping in mind the end goal to exceed expectations, for she needed, particularly to be seen, recognized, and perceived as uncommon somehow. In spite of the fact that she was remarkable, Helen Keller likewise expected to figure out how to unwind and have a good time more. Entirely saved and to some degree restrained in her associations with others, Helen Keller felt that she is in an ideal situation, independent from anyone else. Helen felt that she didn't fit in exceptionally well with individuals and she discovers cooperation in gatherings or affiliations hard to accomplish. Apart from the most intuitive process that she was able to over enjoy on the grounds that it was so natural and…show more content…
She had difficult times when the young Keller broke up or sometime when she became furious at her teacher. Slowly and steadily both the teacher and the student had made a perfect coordination resulting in a new friendship which was developed. Miss Sullivan talked about Perkins Institute where children like Helen were imparted education by adopting many different techniques. Miss Sullivan took Helen too many places far off. One day Helen accompanied Miss Sullivan to a nearby garden where the wind was blowing softly and weather was clear. And climbed the tree and made herself comfortable on top of its branch. Miss Sullivan went away for a while leaving Helen alone. Suddenly the weather turned bad, dark clouds gathered in the sky with storm raging. Helen almost fell of the branch due to heavy wind. This incident made her fearsome and she was terrorised. Miss Sullivan came in time and rescue Helen. Helen came to know water when she was taken to the sea shore and Miss Sullivan with a raised letters made her understand what it meant. At the Perkins Institute, Helen came to know many new techniques of learning. By now she had grown calm and composed and eager some to learn. Her company of Miss Sullivan helped Helen to know many new things. They travel together like good companions to far of lands. Helen came up with the story and this story was sent to the director of Perkins Institute to give approval for publishing it. The Director praises the efforts Helen and appreciated her for the good work. Later on it was found that Helen’s story was not an original creation rather her story was inspired by another story written by someone before. She was charged with plagiarism. But Helen still confesses that this story was her own creation, and was not any sought of adaptation. The Director was very angry for Helen being adamant. An enquiry was set and a report was

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