Character Summary And Character Analysis: Brave Dave

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Logline: Living through a crime infested city with no one doing anything about it, David Ned sees himself wallowing in self-pity. David decides to take matters into his own hands, as Brave Dave, starting with stopping a bank robbery.
David Ned, also known as ‘’Brave Dave,” was born and raised in Baltimore. Growing up, David quickly realized either you were the predator or they prey. Coincidentally, David grew into the neighborhood tough guy. Living in Baltimore with his son Samuel and his wife Coretta, David was at peace with his financial status, but he wanted to move in a different direction socially. As the days went by he could see himself wanting to be the change in the community, rather than wait for it to come. It is going on two weeks where Dave says to himself he wants to change, but really has not had the opportunity. In the meantime, he has not heard from his
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Surviving his environment, David grew into the neighborhood tough guy. No one could tell David anything on the in his town, he was the man in charge.
Darius (17) - Watching your parents struggle financially isn’t something any child should witness; however, that was just another day for Darius. Overwhelmed with his parent’s financial issues, Darius takes it upon himself to get his parents the money, by robbing a bank. After the failed attempt at the bank robbery, Darius was released from police custody but with a two year probation period.
Samuel (David’s Son, 18) – There are always pros and cons to having your father be the toughest guy in the neighborhood. Young Samuel has to live up to his father’s reputation and isn’t doing too good of a job at it. Samuel finds himself going down the wrong path frequently. With the help of Darius, Samuel realizes he only needs to live up to his own
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