Character Traits In Beowulf

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Based on the Scandinavian culture portrayed in Beowulf to be a good hero and leader you need to be strong, courageous and confident. These traits were shown in Beowulf multiple times, mostly having to do with his fight with the monster Grendel. He was strong enough to stand up to Grendel and claim his victory against his opponent. He was also very courageous by fighting Grendel. He knew how strong Grendel was, attacking the Heorot for 12 winter straights but he still went to help the Danes. Finally Grendel was confident while fighting Grendel because he made a deal, if Grendel doesn't use weapons he wouldn't either. These traits were also showed in Siegmund, another great hero and leader in Scandinavian. He also portrayed all of these characteristics…show more content…
First he was strong enough to stand up to Grendel and claim his victory against his opponent. Everyone knew his strength and therefore believed he was the only one capable of fighting the monster Grendel. In the text the guard for Scyldings tells Beowulf, “I have never seen a mightier warrior on earth” Beowulf was also very strong when he was able to rip out Grendel's shoulder, a monster who made the Danes suffer a tremendous amount. Beowulf was also courageous in his battle because he didn't back down against Grendel. He knew of Grendel's fierce attacks on the Danes but he still came to fight him. While Beowulf is describing his lineage he states, “what dark doer of hateful deeds in the black nights, shows in terrible manner strange malice, injury and slaughter.” Beowulf hears of Grendel's wrath and prepared himself and his thanes to fight instead of backing up and allowing the Danes to continue suffering. Finally Grendel is confident because he wants to fight Grendel without any weapons or armour, he does this because he hears that Grendel doesn't use any weapons so he won't either. This is shown in the text when Beowulf says, “I scorn to bear sword or broad shield, yellow wood, to the battle, but with my grasp I shall grapple with the enemy and fight for life, foe against foe.” Beowulf wants to defeat Grendel with his own…show more content…
This was shown in three great charecters Beowulf, Scyld Scefing and Siegmund. All of these characters had these traits and had great positive impacts on the people around them. Both Beowulf and Siegmund are honorable in the text because of the challenging tasks they have completed, Beowulf had defeated Grendel and Siegmund had defeated a dragon. Both of them have accomplished these hard tasks by themselves without the help of no one else which was worthy of being honored. Scyld Scefing had been a great king and had created a strong empire where they all gave tribute to

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