Character Traits In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The Deeper Level of George’s Character Traits Although George gets frustrated with Lennie, he is also truly considerent of his emotions. Most of the time George is harsh on Lennie, but it is only for his own good. Even though he seems rude towards Lennie he does it just to keep Lennie in check. George is always getting very frustrated with Lennie. In the beginning of the book when George and Lennie were walking down the sidewalk heading to their new job Lennie asked, “Where we goin’, George?” (4). After George heard that he began to get angry because he then knew Lennie had forgotten. George then said, “So you forgot that awready, did you?” (4). Which George knows it is not Lennie’s fault, but he still gets mad at him anyways. Another time George got angry with Lennie was when Lennie lied to George about saying he does not have anything in his pocket. George’s exact words were “What you got in your hand-hidin’ it?” (5). Lennie loves to pet soft things. George does not agree to let him because he…show more content…
His character traits make him seem rude to Lennie, but he does it just to keep him in check. At times he can still open up his soft side. Before Lennie gets shot George says, “I never been mad, and that’s the thing I want ya to know.” (106). Even though he did not say much you could get a very big message just from that. He is saying I want you to know that I was not rude just to be mean I was rude so nothing like this happened. People can infer that George had a softer side but rarely used it with people because if people like that think you are soft they will walk all over you. When you are on a ranch it is every man for themselves. In conclusion, George has two totally different sides to him and he uses one side more often than the other. This also shows that Lennie and George have their ups and downs but in the end they have each other’s backs. Even if the decision is a hard
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