Character Traits In The Book Tangerine

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Appearances can be deceiving as wells as looks. Eric the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fisher has made many bad choices in the book tangerine hurting his family and the people around him. Erik has made choices that have extraordinarily impacted people lives being a criminal. Erik, just coming out of his junior breakout season in Houston, now has to move to tangerine where he will play his last high school football season with the Lake Windsor Seagulls. Already having fame and glory on his back, he knows that Tangerine is the perfect place where he can rule over people, not even knowing the monster that he truly is. With his phony personality, he portrays an honor roll, all American attitude with only his brother Paul seeing the evil monster on the…show more content…
On pg 279 It says that mrs fisher had made a discovery while in the storage bin.” I found a gym bag that did not belong there. When I opened the bag I found a U.S. Army gas mask, a pair of leather gloves, and a plastic bag bag filled with diamond earrings , whatches, gold rings, and many other types of precious jewelry. There was a loud gasp of the crowd even from Paul. That affects Paul because now he doesn't know what to think of Erik, knowing now that he is a murder and a thief. Erik choosing to make this choice of stealing and getting caught and being a killer will and can kill his future of doing anything in his life. College football is already out of the picture, know football team wants a guy who has know character and a criminal. On pg 234 Mr. Fisher says “Well that’s not enough. You have to have good grades. You have to show good character.” After this Paul thinks ,does Mom realize that Erik doesn't have any of these traits, but he doesn't know if she still believes in the EFFD. This is important to the hole of the story to see that Mrs. Fisher doesn't know if she really know her own son and if he is really the all American, Honor Roll
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