Scott Fitzgerald's Accomplishments

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According to Encyclopedia Britannica ‘Social Status' means "The relative rank that an individual holds, with attendant rights, duties, and lifestyle, in a social hierarchy based upon honor or prestige." Fitzgerald was a curious character, he was one of the 20th century greatest writers. He is very well known for his great novel "The Great Gatsby", the man from Minnesota, born in November 24, 1896. He brought pride to his people and family all along to his death and it stills does. He published his first work on a newspaper in Saint Paul Academy and that was the impulse of his career. He attended Princeton and wrote many musicals, but because of his focus on his writings he ended up with awful grades and had to leave it. He met his wife while he…show more content…
In 1924, he had the brilliant idea to move to France to make a positive change to his work, this sort of enlightenment had great results a year after he had changed his environment, "The Great Gatsby" was made. Many dare to assure is the grates novel of he 20th century, even of all time but that goes after every reader's judgement. The novel made a huge fortune and make himself very proud of it. He was a very smart man, who tried to beat every past novel he wrote but that became very hard for him. His record went to 178 stories which made him the author he ended up being. Most of these were published on magazines, which helped him to finance them. But as much as he tried any novel he wrote could match or reach the greatness of "The Great Gatsby". They are many honorable mentions ( "The Last Tycoon" or "Tender is the Night") but none of these could work it out for him, on the purpose of overcoming his big treasure of novel. Up to the date there have been many master pieces to honor his work like the movie of "The Great Gatsby" starring Leonardo Di Caprio, who made a good work playing the
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