Malcolm X Reaction Paper

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“When your mind is a weapon u are never unarmed” this quote is for one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history, the one who contributed in the black revolution, breaking stereotypes, fighting racism, refuting discrimination, delivering liberal concepts, inspiring communities, defending human rights, involving in politics juridical humanity religion, this quote is for Malcolm X. Malcolm X or Malik al Shabazz is an African-American writer, speaker and civil rights movement leader. Issued from a low class disfavored race “black” in America Malcolm x had an eternal impact not only on the African American society but on the entire world. In fact, the big irony is in how could a boy from a segregated community contribute…show more content…
For me his story is very reach in great lessons for life: first of all, it teaches us that if we have the will to change no one and no situation can stop us: neither poverty nor prison nor color nor belonging can inhibit us to reach our goals. Second we have to be faithful in our capacity and our power. Also it shows how education is the door of the development and prosperity. It is the arm that protect us from the domination and oppression. All these factor are the key component that lead to the triumph and victory toward tyrannies. Actually the fact is we live in a jungle where the most powerful is the only living being. However still, there are people that can’t tolerate the injustice. It is very shameful how the end of these leaders are tragically: indeed, the real enemy of the humanity are taking away every threat on their power, in the same way, in the same savagery. On the other side, the story also is about the great leaders of the life, although these leaders share ideal innate traits in their personality but the fact that they lived the oppression and decide to face it is what makes them that great leader who left an eternal legacy and great merit on the humanity. This role model Emphasizing the infinite morals inspiring the worldwide. He has been called one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in
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