Character Traits Of Odysseus

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Donna Kay March 13th 2015 Gaunce Hour 7 Honors English Traits of Odysseus Most people think of a hero as someone who is a strong, and brave human being. Heroes usually have super-powers that help them to to achieve their mission. Some things that heroes do is get help from other sources, or leave on a journey where they have to prove themselves to be worthy of honor and praise. Odysseus faces many drawbacks and complicating situations but he rises over them all to reach his final goal of returning home to his family and son in Ithaca. Odysseus is a hero because he had help from Athena, a fatal flaw in his character, and he also overcame complications throughout his journey and ended up proving himself to be valiant. Odysseus is a hero because…show more content…
Another characteristic all heroes have is having overcome complications in order to accomplish their final mission. Odysseus faces many obstacles throughout his journey and with his bravery and intelligence he overcomes all of them in order to complete his mission, this makes Odysseus hero. Odysseus had to come up with many complex solutions to a lot of different problems in order to survive his trip home and reunite with his family. For example, during the War Odysseus thought of the idea of the Trojan horse which helped the Greek’s win the war. "Finally, they decided to resort to a trick thought of by Odysseus..." (Trojan War section 6) This shows how Odysseus proves himself by being able to make solutions to obstacles in order to overcome obstacles in very rough situations. Odysseus had to prove himself and his smarts on other occasions during his trip. For example, when he and his soldiers were trapped in the Cyclops ' cave, Odysseus came up with a plan to get them safely out of the cave without anyone getting hurt. "Friends, we 're hardly strangers at meeting danger and this danger is no worse than what we faced when cyclops penned us up in his vaulted cave with crushing force! But even from there my courage, my presence of mind and tactics saved us all" (12.226-230) As proven, Odysseus is a hero because he proves himself to be capable of overcoming his complications in order to achieve his mission of reuniting with his family at home
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