Character Traits Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Many of these traits that George has are the same to Odysseus. He was a commander for his army while sailing to Troy. Troy was an enemy towards Ithaca. Also, Odysseus had just as many hardships as George. He got sent away from his family battling Troy. He then battled there for 10 years. It was a hard battle then Odysseus finally succeeded and won the war between the two rivaling cities. Back at home, on Ithaca. He left a newborn son named Tellemicus, and a wife named Penelope. As well as an entire city throw into chaos because everyone thinks he’s dead. Meanwhile, Odysseus gets thrown off of course sailing back from Troy and that’s where his hardships begin. After battling for 10 years, Odysseus leaves Troy in hopes of coming home and seeing his wife Penelope and now almost grown son. But he soon gets thrown off course because his men upset the gods.…show more content…
Also, they went through hardships before finally being at peace. Odysseus went through his journey in the war and trying to get home and George Washington fought for the United States. George dedicated his life trying to make America better for the people. Meanwhile, Odysseus fought for his City and then went through many battles to get home and bring his broken city to the top again. Another way that they both showed heroism is that they devoted themselves to saving something that mattered. For George, it was the United States. For Odysseus it was his City and his life. In conclusion, I believe that heroism is in George Washington and Odysseus because of their devotion to saving something essential to other people's lives. They both have been through hardships and difficulties through the course of their entire lives. They continue to keep fighting for their freedom and happiness. George and Odysseus have many things in common which make them
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