Character Vs. Society In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Anthem is a story written by Ayn Rand as a propaganda piece portraying the evils of communism. The book takes place in the future in a undisclosed city surrounded by forest. In this city a collectivist society dwells. The conflict of Anthem is character vs. society where one man by the name of Equality decides to go against his broken government. Equality took a stand against his broken society, he has defied the council of scholars and his government, had a relation with a women, and escaped the city to The Uncharted Forest. Equality defies the council of scholars and his government by studying and learning about the world. “How dare you think that your mind held greater wisdom than the mind of your brothers” (Rand 71). Equality goes against…show more content…
“We know that men would not follow us for they never enter the Uncharted Forest” (Rand 76). Great mysteries of the “Evil Times” are at slumber in the Uncharted forest. This is what makes it forbidden. Knowing that, Equality goes in anyway. These times are so “evil” because what lies in the forest, the ruins of the old time. Society, specifically the government does not want people finding these ruins and gaining knowledge. Having a relationship with another human is strictly forbidden, but this does not stop Equality from pursuing one. “Today The Golden One stopped suddenly and said ‘we love you’ “ (Rand 86). Love is word we use to express how we feel about someone we care about and cherish deeply. The Golden One says this to her significant other, Equality. Equality and The Golden One have a relationship despite society forbidding it. Knowing fully about this rule does not stop the two's love. This love was strong enough that when Equality ran from the city she followed. This is another felony. Equality has taken stands against his society for his own personal thoughts and agenda. He has committed the greatest crime, Individuality. In Anthem everything is for your brothers, everyone is a whole. Individuality is evil in the collectivist world. It is so evil because when one becomes and individual they they have the power to think for themselves and the power to go against their
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