Characterism In A Wagner's Matinee By Willa Cather

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People and things change with time that is undeniable yet no matter what memories stay the same for no matter how much one is stripped down , altered , and reshaped by time , memories will always remain defiant to whatever life subjects them to even when himself wishes for them to surrender . Just how far this could be true is discussed by the realism narrator Willa Cather in her short story " A Wagner 's Matinee" through the progression and development of the protagonist Aunt Georgiana ....... generally we come to understand the character of Georgiana over a two phased setting past and present with each of them intruding into the other for simplicity 's sake we 'll track down aunt Georgiana 's character development chronologically starting with her younger years through her married life and finally reaching to her return to Boston in the present

Like other figures from the realism literature aunt Georgiana is no ideal heroic character but rather a realistic one with flaws and traits oh any average human of society we will begin the journey with 29 year old Georgiana a highly educated Boston music teacher with the grace of the young and beautiful . Although completely mature and well rounded Georgiana elopes with Howard Carpenter a farmer from Nebraska 10 years her junior and deprive herself of those precious things which have fed her soul; perhaps from here it is revealed to us that Georgiana had the mentality of an enlightened woman living on the morals of heroism

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