Characterism In Mansfield's Miss Brill, By Katherine Mansfield

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The short story “Miss. Brill” authored by Katherine Mansfield is about the protagonist of the story Miss Brill and her weekly Sunday jaunt to the Jardin Publiques. Miss Brill goes to the park to hear the band play and to people watch. Mansfield portrays Miss Brill as a lonely, elderly woman who is denial that she is aging and in an attempt to alleviate her loneliness, creates a fantasy world where she is an actress on stage and the strangers in the park are her ensemble. Miss Brill gets great enjoyment from her weekly visit to the park and she receives satisfaction from observing others and their interactions and by eavesdropping on their conversations which is evident when Mansfield writes “Oh how fascinating it was! How she enjoyed it! How she loved sitting here, watching it all!” (9). Without interacting with her fellow park goers Miss Brill still feels included in their lives, and she is disappointed when the man and the women who share her “special seat” are not engaging in conversation with one another, as it leaves her without a conversation to listen to (3). She envisions the goings on at the park as a play and that all the park goers play a part in the performance, so much so that she makes sure that she arrives at the same time each week “so as not to be late for the performance” (9). Miss Brill is enthralled with the idea that they all have their part to play, and likes to think that because she is so attentive to the attendees, that if for some reason
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