Characteristic Of Civilization Essay

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“Religion is a central defining characteristic of civilizations.” Comment on this statement. ABSTRACT Civilization refers to the achievement of a nation in terms of physical and spiritual, civilizations began to flourish after the creation of the system. The emergence of a civilized society is based on environmental factors and how the development of technology in the Neolithic has contributed to the formation of a civilized society. There are many features which is common in the forming of human civilization. Opinions vary when it comes to discussion on the concept of civilization as well as the general characteristics of the formation of early human civilization. On the one hand, Western scholars say civilization is inherently achievements…show more content…
Sharia is not used as a tool of consolidation among the public or development policies. This caused the Arab, Berber and Spanish locals are not united. 2. Islam regarded as religious worship and does not serve as a jihad into the path of Allah. 3. No consensus in religious thought: fanaticism and mocking each other faith. 4. lack of strict regulation from the federal government for the territory. 5. Weaknesses found in Granada Islamic leadership, such as their last leader Abu Abdullah. 6. The dispute among the ruling families of Muslim Granada, between Abu Abdullah with his uncle Abu al-Hassan. We find that from the above description of the fall of Islamic civilization in Spain. And when religion is not implemented and practiced, any civilization will expire. INDIAN CIVILIZATION This civilization existed between the years 2500-1800 BC. After this period the Indus civilization had collapsed. It is associated with the coming of the Aryans who brought a new level to the culture and society of the Indus Valley. This level is known as the Vedic era, and it was the beginning of the religious life of the community because at that time Hindu religion was born. Upon some time based in the Indus Valley, by the seventh century BC community's attention turned to the Ganges
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