Characteristic Of Reading Essay

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Characteristics Extensive Reading has ten characteristics which are identified to teaching foreign language reading (Bamford, 2002) . To begin with, students read as much as possible. The most crucial element in learning to read is no upper limit to the amount of time spent reading that can be finished, but if students can read a book per week, this can establish a reading habit. Moreover, a variety of reading materials for specific topics must be available for students who want to choose for reading as external reading such as books, newspapers, or texts on the website in the site and have the particular purposes for reading. The various reading material both encourages reading and adaptable approach to reading with different reasons from…show more content…
Therefore, individual and silent reading can be instrumental in students who discover how language reading fits into their lives. Further, reading speed is usually faster than slower because when students are reading the texts for personal interest rather than academic purposes, it is simulative to reading fluency. If students don 't enjoy reading, they aren 't likely to read much or understand the texts; since students are discouraged to use dictionaries when they meet words that they don 't understand, it is a chance to keep on reading in order to practice some strategies such as guessing or ignoring unknown words and to go for the general meaning. What 's more, teachers orient and guide students to know what the goal is for. Since Extensive Reading is very different from usual classroom practice, students need careful introduction to this reading. Teacher can explain that the reading leads both to gain in reading proficiency and to gain in language learning; teachers can reassure students ' personal experience, and teachers are interested in the students ' own personal experience of what is read, and teachers can keep track of what and how much students read or can encourage students to read as wildly as
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