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Service can be defined as any primary or complementary activity that does not directly produce a physical product – that is non-goods part of the transaction between buyer (customer) and seller (provider). It is a form of product that consist of activities, benefits or satisfaction offered for sale that are essentially intangible and do not result in the ownership of anything. Next, service quality is basically about meeting customer needs and expectations. Every organization should achieve the customers expectation into performance standards and specifications. Eventually, it will becomes customers judgement and results, whereby customers is going to compare their expectations of service with their perceptions of actual service delivered.…show more content…
The first is typically intangible. It means that the service is intangible because we cannot see the physical output but more to satisfaction to the customer. Second characteristics are highly inseparable where service may not be separated from provider and customer must be involved in service performance. Thirdly is heterogeneity. There is different service performance due to different labour inputs and non-standardization of delivery. For example, different lecturers have different teaching methods and we cannot expect the same service given by a different person. Subsequently, service is unable to store. Many services cannot be stored to meet fluctuations in demand. For example in giving service to customers to get hotel rooms, purchase of shares and doctor’s time cannot be stored. Fifth is durability. The duration of the service delivery is possible in two ways which is definite period where services will not be performed if the customer does not request and consume the service at the time given such as late for dental appointment, The second one is vanishing after the service has been consumed. For instance, if a particular food has been served for dinner, the same food cannot be served again to the same customer at the same

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