Characteristic Success Of Starbucks

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What factors accounted for the extraordinary success of Starbucks in the early 1990s? What was so compelling about the Starbucks value proposition? What brand image did Starbucks develop during this period? At the time, Starbucks was one of a coffee shop. It was Starbucks that introduced ‘live coffee mantra’ in USA. The most important factor for its success was the quality, freshness and taste of coffee that was imported from various parts of globe. Secondly, the Starbucks coffee shops were always within reach of customers. The numbers of shops were increasing at rapid rate which means it was very convenient for them to reach. As this coffee culture was introduced, more similar coffee shops began to open up. Starbucks had to add value so to remain one grade above their competitors. There were many kinds of beverages, including coffee and tea both hot and cold, ice creams and other food items that attracted the customers. Secondly, they developed and maintained an environment which had a nice ambiance to it. The place was classy and upscale where one can remain in self indulgence. Thirdly, the staff and service was commendable. The staff tried to remember customers’ names and preferred drinks, which was highly appreciated by customers, and tried to serve them in 3 minutes. The Starbucks brand image was ‘the third place’ where one can escape the loneliness and boredom of home and pressure and stress of work. It was a place where one can linger and have quality time with

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