Red Army Characteristics

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1. At the inception of the Chinese Red Army, a guerrilla unit that existed after the defeat of the first great revolution. This happened during a period of economic and political stability, particularly in countries that adopt a reactionary capitalist and also during the period of reaction in China. Red Army political power exists only in areas that are remote, mountainous areas and are scattered and do not receive outside help. Economic and cultural situation in the revolutionary base areas underdeveloped compared with those in the Kuomintang areas. Revolutionary base areas embrace only rural areas and small towns. These areas are very small and do not grow larger in the beginning. In addition, they are fluid and do not move, and the Red Army has no really consolidated bases. The Red Army is small, weak arms, and have difficulty getting supplies such as clothing, food and bedding. To overcome this, Mao has set a number of strategies that will turn this deficiency as an advantage to the Red Army. Among his strategy to the Red Army are:

a. Population Support.

(1) Concept. The
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Kepimpinan Mao di dalam penubuhan dan organisasi Red Army tidak dinafikan, beliau merupakan seorang pemimpin yang berkaliber dan memastikan segala prinsip dan arahan yang ditetapkan oleh beliau perlu dipatuhi oleh anggota Red Army bagi memenangi hati rakyat. Mao’s belief in the revolutionary ability of the peasants. In order to make successful, Red Army soldiers are required to follow three main rules of discipline; obey orders in all conditions, don’t take a single needle or piece of threat from the people, and turn in everything captured. Beliau juga memperkenalkan Eight Points For Attention; Speak politely, pay fairly for what you buy, return everything you borrow, pay for anything you damage, do not hit or swear at people, do not damage crops, do not take liberties with women and do not ill-treat
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