Characteristics And Characters Of Achilles In The Trojan War

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1. Though the Greek Army was strong, the Trojans were strong as well for Priam, the King of Troy, and Hecuba, his queen, had twenty courageous sons to defend their city and lead the war. Hector, of all his siblings, was the most valorous and righteous man. Hector’s brother, another son of the Queen and King, whom was mentioned, was Paris. Paris, as the reader came to know, has many different characteristics and character traits than those of his brother. For instance, Hector is the bravest and the most righteous man known, as for Paris, he proves to not be brave but rather ‘cowardly’ and unmanly. Hector, though aware of his faith to die, was ready to lead war and bring victory to his country, for as Paris, when choosing the best bribe form the three goddesses at the Judgment of Paris, chose to have the fairest woman to his self instead of being the lord of Asia and Europe or brining victory to Troy. In addition, Paris was also the reason the Trojan War occurred. Thus, Hector is valiant and fearless noble, true to his country, where as Paris is certainly not.

2. Since Achilles, the best warrior in the Greek army, was away mourning, Ajax and Diomedes fought the Trojan War together for they were extremely skilled warrior, though not as skilled as Achilles. They fought well that day, as numerous Trojan corpses lay beneath them; that even Aeneas, the son of Aphrodite, was on the nearing death when being attacked by Diomedes. Subsequently, Aphrodite hurried down to the

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