Characteristics And Contrast: Garnet Personality Traits

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Garnet Personality Traits Garnet is the birth stone for January. Red is the general color of garnet which is smooth as glass minerals. The shades of green, orange, purple, yellow, pink, violet, brown, and black are the vast colors of garnet. On the 2nd wedding year it is given as an anniversary gift. The garnet is an alternate 15th, 19th, and 25th wedding anniversary gemstone. It is worn as a Talisman as defense from diseases. Also, portraits of kings and emperors were engraved on the gem as art works. It symbolizes companionship, clarity, authenticity and reality. Garnet people are characterized as striving, enduring, established, responsible and unrelenting. The best trait of garnet people is that they are very hard working. Aside…show more content…
This gemstone is a magnificent, purple color. The amethyst represents the 6th wedding anniversary gemstone. It is also an alternate 9th wedding anniversary gemstone. Dating back to the old Greek period, the deep purple gemstones were fashioned in early jewelry craftworks. Amethyst is linked with royalty, serenity, love, and sobriety. If you wear the stone, it will shield you from the darkness. If amethyst catches your eye it means you're vibrant and brainy. You exude strength and honor in everything you do in your life. Nothing stands in the way from you getting what you want. Like amethyst, you radiate calm, control and restraint. Amethyst has long been seen as a source of balance, wisdom and sobriety. You make an excellent role model for the young. Amethyst is associated with purity, positive thoughts, protection, victory, hunting prowess, intelligence and smart business sense. The best personality trait represented by this gem is the normal thoughtfulness being given to the people around, its humanitarian quality, liking a lot to help underprivileged people (whether family or not), and doing charity work. The gemstone signifies abstract thoughts, love for reality, intelligence and cleverness, attractiveness, humbleness, honesty, determination to reach goals, ambitiousness, realizations of dreams and hopes, sharpness, love for entertainment and leisure, romance on the inside, and spend thriftiness. It also denotes…show more content…
The deep green color of the gemstone emerald is believed to shield the gem-wearer from evil spirits. The emerald represents the 20th and 35th wedding anniversary stones. Emeralds with transparency, luster, and sparkle of vivid, vibrant, and intense green color are the most valuable emerald. Emeralds are associated with health, fertility, improved eyesight, and faithfulness. People who are fascinated to emeralds are believed to have a keen sense of memory, are ambitious and are exceptional in public speaking. This gemstone is also believed to provide gifts of honesty, wealth, passion, intelligence, and true love to its wearer. Emerald signifies spend thriftiness, being hardworking, restlessness, love of travelling, weak breathing, good imagination, understanding, love to dream, easy consolation, firmness and being steadfast. The gemstone also denotes sharp thoughts, deep feelings, strong clairvoyance, love for literature and the arts, high spiritedness, and beauty in the physical and mental level. The best trait represented by this gemstone is that of being super loyal. Emerald people love their family and stand for their family, no matter what. They are protective and very seriously loyal to their relationships and friendships. The worst traits of emerald people are their being stubborn, hard-hearted, and opinionated. It’s very hard for them to change their opinions on anything, otherwise, it would take a strong big deal of

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