Characteristics And Impact Of M-Commerce

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IMPACT OF MOBILE COMMERCE 1. Introduction E-Commerce has changed the Global business environment at a rapid phase and greatly influenced the traditional marketplaces. Business people are in a situation that the technology is the only means to improve their business and most of them have entered into e-Commerce. They thought that, this is the right platform and continuously looking for the advancements in the technology to make their business more productive. M-Commerce is one such type technological advancement. This report includes definition and overview of m-Commerce, characteristics and issues related to m-Commerce. 2. Overview of m-Commerce M-Commerce is also called as wireless commerce or nomadic commerce. About 60% of the world’s population are using mobile devices like laptops, tablets, mobile phones and there is an increasing demand for mobile devices. Among them nearly 70% of them are using internet on their devices. As the world is stepping towards mobile computing, firms moulded this as their business strategy and innovatively introduced m-Commerce which can attract the customers and make more profits. It is also creating great opportunities for the mobile devices and the service providers. Definition: M-Commerce is the capability of conducting the business or commercial activities over the mobile communication networks or some hand held devices which have access to internet. People are more interested in m-Commerce for its ease of usage and portability. 3.
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