Characteristics Of 12 Angry Men Juror 8

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In the movie 12 Angry Men each juror has a different personality. Figure one shows the shape, color, size, and placement of each character chosen. Juror eight is a rounded rectangle and is a bright yellow on the outside and pale yellow on the inside. Juror three is a square and is red on the outside and blue on the inside. Juror seven is a rectangle that is dark green on the outside and a lighter green on the inside. Each juror was given a shape, color, and size to represent something of their nature. As shown in figure 1., juror eight is two shades of yellow, a rounded rectangle, and is placed slightly distanced from the two other shapes. On the outside juror eight is a bright yellow, this symbolizes hope and bravery. When they took their first vote eleven of them voted guilty and Juror eight was the only person that voted not guilty when asked why he said, “ There were eleven votes for guilty. It’s not so easy for me to raise my hand and send a boy off to die without talking about in first” (Twelve Angry Men). Juror eight had to remain brave to be working against the other eleven jurors. Throughout the movie, Juror eight is the only juror that constantly has to prove something, he did his job very well, but the lighter yellow on the inside of the shape shows that juror eight came on more fearless than he was. Because juror eight had a single opinion throughout the trial, a rounded rectangle best represents his character. Juror eight has one opinion throughout, but
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