3.5 Characteristics Of Online Shopping Essay

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3.6 Product characteristics The decision to buy a specific product online or offline also depends on the type of product or service the consumer is considering. Some products are more suitable to buy online than others. The lack of touch, smell and assistance in online shopping is one of the factors that influences the suitability of products to be sold online. Standardized products like consumer electronics, shoes, books and groceries have a higher potential for online retail than customizable products like cars and furniture. This because quality uncertainty in these product categories is nearly absent and there is no physical assistance or trial period needed (Grewal et al., 2002; Reibstein, 1999). For products which require more knowledge or experience it is less likely that they will be bought online (Elliot and Fowell, 2000). In case a trial period, or…show more content…
But for standardized and familiar goods and products of which privacy is demanded, the intention to buy them online is high (Grewal et al., 2002). 3.7 Payment methods To be able to sell products online, online retailers offer various payment methods. A reliable payment method is critical because an online survey showed that 83% of the respondents rated the security of the online payment methods as a main concern of online retail (Lee, 2002). Recent research of the eCommerce Payment Monitor (2016) showed that in The Netherlands online payment methods iDEAL, credit cards and PayPal together have almost 75% market share in the online payments. There are payment methods which transfer the money directly to the

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